Top 25 Videos of 2012

Despite our compilations of the week’s best videos, it’s difficult to remember many of them for long. Each week brings something new to marvel at and yada yada yada your mind totally erases any memory of that Kanye West video you gasped at while eating cereal one Thursday in April. Whereas you can essentially live with a song, most videos are consumed with what amounts to a glance and a nod.

Granted, that’s not the case for all of them, and, hey, wouldn’t you know that’s why we’re sitting here with 25 of them in December. So, grab some holiday cookies (or celery and hot sauce, if you’re also on the no carb diet), sit back, and appreciate a collection of videos that we’ll no doubt take with us into 2013.

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for our Top 50 Songs of the Year. Then stay tuned next week as our 2012 Annual Report continues with our picks for Live Acts of the Year, Artist of the Year, Band of the Year, Music Festival of the Year, and Top 50 Albums of the Year.


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