Album Review: The History of Apple Pie – Out of View


Years from now, if they’re given that longevity, any fan of The History of Apple Pie likely won’t call them that. It’ll either be Apple Pie, or History Pie, or, well actually, maybe they’ll be ambitious enough to call them The History of Apple Pie. (Personally, I think it’s rather a mouthful of a band name, no pun intended.) Either way, it’s not really fitting for a sound that feels layered with globs of My Bloody Valentine, Lush, The Breeders, or Cocteau Twins. Apple Pie is. Maybe even just another fruit altogether — like Cherry.


After three sold-out 7″ singles, London quintet “The History of Apple Pie” finally has a proper full-length debut to kick around and it’s titled Out of View and its artwork even looks like something out of the era it apes from. Singer-songwriter Stephanie Min sings with a bubbly, liquified cadence, like a Crystal Pepsi ad that’s on repeat. She’s the actual female vocalist one hears behind Silversun Pickups’ Brian Aubert, only there’s far more conviction in her voice here.

Over triple-pasteurized shoegaze pop, courtesy of guitarist Jerome Watson and bassist Kelly-Lee Owens, Min croons at mid-level, gliding with ease through heavy runners “The Warrior”, “Do It Wrong”, and album highlight “See You”. It’s a cache of catchy flavors, the sort of bubble gum sticky shit that you can’t help but chew repeatedly, and it’s made satisfactory through the brilliant self-production.

As tracks like “Mallory”, “Glitch”, and “I Want More” suggest, there’s an emotionalism that stems from the hooks to the sheen to the teenage melancholia that Min clenches on lyrically. Every phrase gushes with vagaries, but there’s just enough light to see one’s own hands — it’s transmutable. That’s what pop needs and what most pop forgets.

So, while there’s really no need for any more outfits attempting shoegaze — especially with the greying veterans returning to the fold — The History of Apple Pie puts their Keds in the door just before it closes. Seriously, though: “See You” might be the strongest Silversun Pickups song in years and we can only hope there’s at least one song on My Bloody Valentine’s forthcoming effort that’s as good as the dizzying “Long Way to Go”.

Actually, what if they were just called Pie?

Essential Tracks: “See You”, “Long Way to Go”, and “Do It Wrong”