Top 10 Videos of the Week (1/18)


staticcloudf Top 10 Videos of the Week (1/18)

Similar to our weekly collection of MP3s, we decided to start ranking each week’s best videos. So, from here on out, our favorite weekly videos will be ordered in quality from 10-1. Who reigns champ this week? Grab some granola, sit back, and find out.

10. Woods – “Size Meets Sound”

Kaleidoscope filters and rays of sunlight: it’s exactly the kind of psychotropic dreams we have come to know and love from Woods.

09. Ab Soul feat. Kendrick Lamar – “ILLuminate”

I’m not going to say that every rapper has the ego the size of a skyscraper, but in this clip for “ILLuminate” Ab Soul’s projection literally embodies that notion.

08. Santigold – “Girls”

All of the girls singing about girls for the television show Girls. Girls? Girls!

07. My Education – “Mister 1986”

Part nightmare fuel, part whimsical mullett dancing, the video for My Education’s “Mister 1986” is the kind of faded dream we all aspire to remember.

06. Ty Segall – “Thank God For The Sinners” (NSFW)

I have never found flesh to be so completely revolting.

05. Free Energy – “Girls Want Rock”

In this meta-contextual video for Free Energy’s latest single “Girls Want Rock”, watch as these five handsome, sharp dressed men seem to do nothing other than have fun. I will never not enjoy Free Energy’s carefree, fun loving attitude towards life.

04. Factory Floor – “Fall Back”

While it’s incredibly simple in its execution, this clip for Factory Floor’s “Fall Back” is exactly the visual accompaniment the sprawling, hypnotic track deserves. Dreamy, out of focus, teasing; the way I would summarize the video is the same way I would summarize this single.

03. SBTRKT – “Trials of the Past (NSFW)”

Robotics is a messy line of work, apparently.

02. Dan Deacon – “Guilford Avenue Bridge”

Time lapse videos never cease to amaze, and in this clip from Dan Deacon, watch as his goofy school bus turned tour bus travels the country and showcases some of his beloved live performances.

01. Dinosaur Jr. – “Pierce the Morning Rain”

If there’s one thing I have learned today, it’s that Henry Rollins really does not like midlife crisises centered on car stereo obsession. Dinosaur Jr.’s star studded clip deserves our nod as our first top video of the week, and you owe it to yourself to watch.