Top 10 Videos of the Week (2/1)


staticcloudf Top 10 Videos of the Week (2/1)

Similar to our weekly collection of MP3s, we decided to start ranking each week’s best videos. So, from here on out, our favorite weekly videos will be ordered in quality from 10-1. Who reigns champ this week? Grab some candy, sit back, and find out.

10. Woodpigeon – “Edinborough”

Finally, an answer to the age old question of what happens when a group of friends hold a seance in a museum.

09. Shugo Tokumaru – “Katachi”

As it turns out, few things are as perfectly paired together as flutes and papercraft. But it’s not just any old cutout, as these meticulously crafted, cascading depictions make for a pleasant little display.

08. Black Moth Super Rainbow – “Hairspray Heart”

VHS quality ritualistic blood letting. So yes, it’s a Black Moth Super Rainbow video if there ever was such a thing.

07. Daughter – “Still”

A haunting tale of lost love, this video for “Still” is a dark vignette of just how heart wrenching a relationship so often becomes.

06. The Ruby Suns – “In Real Life” (NSFW)

It appears as though The Ruby Suns have been loving those bizarre Taiwanese news broadcasts. Watch as the band partakes in a sort of faux-American Idol in this clip for “In Real Life”, taken from Christopher.

05. Animal Collective – “Applesauce”

Remember that Animal Collective album so many people seem to have forgotten about? Well there’s a new video from Centipede HZ, this time for the uniquely satisfying “Applesauce”. Meant to be viewed in complete darkness, this silhouetted Gaspar Noe nod takes eating fruit to a whole new level.

04. Tame Impala – “Mind Mischief”

Daydreaming in class will get you nowhere. At least I think a teacher told me that once. Admittedly, it’s hard not to do in this video for “Mind Mischief”, taken from Tame Impala’s masterful Lonerism.

03. Deerhoof – “We Do Parties”

Deerhoof prove that they do indeed do parties. There’s absolutely no doubt after watching this video. Also, if you hear about an opening in their group of friends please let me know.

02. Yo La Tengo – “I’ll Be Around”

In a world obsessed with image macros and .gifs, it’s easy to forget just how sad printed words can be. Yo La Tengo’s clip for “I’ll Be Around” might not be the traditional music video, but with a patient eye and an empty stomach this Times New Roman-inspired footage will leave you breathless.

01. Grizzly Bear – “Gun-Shy”

Starring in one of the most visually arresting videos we’ve seen in a long time, Grizzly Bear get lobotomized in the name of science. Why? Well who really knows, but this twitch-happy clip makes for an incredibly gorgeous backdrop for “Gun-Shy”. Shields is out now.