Top 10 Videos of the Week (3/8)


staticcloudf Top 10 Videos of the Week (3/8)

Similar to our weekly collection of MP3s, we decided to start ranking each week’s best videos. So, from here on out, our favorite weekly videos will be ordered in quality from 10-1. Who reigns champ this week? Grab some popcorn, sit back, and find out.

10. CHVRCHES – “Recover”

Synth-pop meets J.J. Abrams style visuals in CHVRCHES’ video for “Recover”. While it doesn’t tell the most fascinating story, or really any story for that matter, it’s still gorgeous to look at. The Recover EP is out March 26th.

09. Tawaih – “TEARdrop”

Tawaih’s blend of powerful vocals and emotional tales make for an exhaustive combination, and in this video for “TEARdrop”, those heavy habits come crashing down on this singer/songwriter. Watch as she struggles to keep her head above water, battling with ghosts of the past and fears of the future.

08. Nerves Junior – “Goodnight Nobody”

“Goodnight Nobody” is the kind of painful, aching melodic track that serves as Zach O’Renick’s tutorial for how melancholy can plague a person. In the track’s video, watch as the band performs both live and in studio. Nerves Juniors are working on a new album, but if you just can’t wait for the follow up to 2011’s As Bright As Our Night, go ahead and pick up the new Craters EP.

07. Metz – “Crystallized” (NSFW)

Punk rockers METZ better have a good legal, because I did not see a seizure warning before this video and now my eyes are bleeding and my left leg is twitching. Drugs are bad, kids.

06. Conveyor – “Woolgatherer”

Conveyor’s video for “Woolgatherer” makes me feel like those two dozen cheese stuffed pretzels I ate last week were a bad idea after all. File this clip under: men’s body appreciation.

05. Autre Ne Veut – “Play By Play”

As “big brother” style surveillance becomes ever more pervasive in this land of freedom, Autre Ne Veut’s video for “Play By Play” takes those hollow CCTV clips a step further, plastering them around an underground karaoke club. But, as with any good video, it’s the artist who is squarely at the center. Anxiety, his sophomore album, is out now on Software.

04. Phoenix – “Entertainment”

In the video for “Entertainment”, Phoenix look to Korean culture for inspiration. Patrick Daughters directs this bizarre clip, which features everything from K-Pop stars to children choirs. Yes, it begs to be seen. Bankrupt! is out April 23rd via Glassnote Records.

03. UMO – “Swim And Sleep (Like a Shark)”

There are countless things of note in the latest video from Unknown Mortal Orchestra, but there’s something about the spray painted walls that is just… indescribable. Oh, did I mention there’s a puppet masturbating within the first five seconds? Yeah. II is out now.

02. Lapalux – “Without You”

Black holes. Gimp suits. Shower scenes. Mustard colored bedspreads. The latest video from Lapalux is very NSFW, meaning it’s very hard to look away.

01. Beach House – “Wishes”

In one of the most unusual videos of the year, Eric Wareheim takes Beach House’s “Wishes” and turns it into the most surreal halftime show. It begs to be watched again and again, for both the music and the imagery, but it’s Ray Wise’s deadpan performance that steals the show.