Boards of Canada Expressed in 18 Haikus


boardsofcanadafeat Boards of Canada Expressed in 18 Haikus

by: Paula Mejia

“Dayvan Cowboy” breathes

A papaya horizon

The west far from won


There, desert flower

You’ve heard Tomorrow’s Harvest

Did your petals fall?


“Pete Standing Alone”

Smiles crumble at his toes

Reverent in defeat


Standing at the edge, it all

Seems so very small.

“Energy Warning.”


He walks in, “Sherbert Head”

All sun and slight suspicion

Where hasn’t he been?


Innocent daylight

We heard hums; a “Dawn Chorus”

Past the broken stairs


Through hazy eyelids,

“A Moment of Clarity”

Hits just when you leave


Whispers tickle ears

Meet at the “Diving Station”

We’ll free-fall from vines


The sky is battered

Puddles trace the spaces you left

Today is “June 9th”.

boardsofcanada2013 Boards of Canada Expressed in 18 Haikus

by: Adam Kivel

Attached and eyes wide

Light mist on Sunday sidewalk



Can’t quite make it out

What’s the frequency, Leslie?

Deep “Dandelion”


Swift and wind-dark night,

Sky shot through with rippling smoke,

Can’t “Slow This Bird Down”


Those raw, bright talons

It’s “An Eagle In Your Mind”

And predatory


Oh, that “Sixtyten”

Believe me when I tell you

It’s a weird number


Listen to whispers

They still watch the pianos

Down “In The Annexe”


You, “Aquarius”

Left on an empty current

The bed is cooling


Last night, sleeping late

“I Saw Drones” float by slowly

Each second an hour


I “Reach For The Dead”

Arms fading at the elbows

And how they reach back