Listen to Deap Vally’s boisterous new single, “Bad For My Body”


deapvally zps3696177d Listen to Deap Vallys boisterous new single, Bad For My Body

By now, most of the world has already heard Sistrionix, the debut LP from CoSigned Los Angeles garage-rock duo Deap Vally. Well, everyone that is except us Americans, who will have to wait until October 8th for the album’s formal U.S. release via Cherrytree/Communion/Interscope/Island (that’s a lot of labels!). To tide us over, guitarist Lindsey Troy and drummer Julie Edwards return today with a new single, “Bad for My Body”.

Turning the amps all the way up to 13, the girls embrace the grimy, reverb-heavy end of garage rock. Troy’s devilish sneer is all but apparent in lines like ”If our mothers only knew/ The trouble we get into” while she rips on the guitar. Meanwhile, Edwards mercilessly slams on the drums, simultaneously keeping time while using the crashing cymbals to incite further sweat-soaked abandonment. Listen in below; it may not be good for the ears, but it’s damn good for the soul.

For more sounds, be sure to listen to previous singles “Lies” and “Baby I Call Hell”.

Sistrionix Tracklist:
01. End of the World
02. Baby I Call Hell
03. Walk of Shame
04. Gonna Make My Own Money
05. Creeplife
06. Your Love’s A Lie
07. Lies
08. Bad For My Body
09. Women of Intention
10. Raw Material
11. Six Feet Under/Spiritual