Listen to RJD2’s new single, “Her Majesty’s Socialist Request”


rjd2newcover Listen to RJD2s new single, Her Majestys Socialist Request

On October 8th, influential electronic producer RJD2 will release his fifth studio album, More Is Than Isn’t. It’s billed as his most sonically diverse record to date, and lead single “Her Majesty’s Socialist Request” is certainly indicative of that. The instrumental number is a menagerie of disjointed sounds, from the crushing metal guitar to the flutter of strings and even random samples of reggaeton. Despite the sheer inconsistency, RJD2’s production skills and general experience make this far-out soundscape worth traversing.

More Is Than Isn’t Tracklist:
01. Suite 1
02. Temperamental (feat. Phonte Coleman)
03. Behold, Numbers!
04. Her Majesty’s Socialist Request
05. A Lot of Night Ahead of You
06. Bathwater (feat. P. Blackk)
07. Milk Tooth
08. Suite 2
09. Winter Isn’t Coming
10. See You Leave (feat. STS and Khari Mateen)
11. Got There, Sugar?
12. Love and Go (feat. Aaron Livingston)
13. Descended From Myth
14. Dirty Hands
15. It All Came To Me In A Dream (feat. Blueprint)
16. Suite 3

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