Listen to an 8-bit version of Radiohead’s In Rainbows


Radiohead’s music may sound no bueno inside of a Chipotle, but there’s another format where Thom Yorke and Co.’s atmospheric rock is utterly delightful: re-arranged in the glory of 8-bit. YouTube user RGYDK converted the band’s 2007 pay-as-you-please album In Rainbows into an intriguing bit of chiptune, which helped condense the LP from 43 minutes into a decidedly leaner 36 minutes.

Heralded as one of the band’s more personal and romantic efforts to date, the album somehow still exudes an air of sensuality and serenity, even if some of the songs sound like you’re about to enter the final boss fight of Metroid 2. Standouts include “Nude” (7:44), “Reckoner” (21:39), and the transition from “Jigsaws Falling into Place” into “Videotape” (31:35). Stream it below, or download your own copy here.


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