Listen to Beck’s remix of JJ Doom’s “Banished”


jjdoomkeyskuffs Listen to Becks remix of JJ Dooms Banished

If nothing else, Beck is a rather adaptable fella. After getting his folk-rock on at the AmericanaramA tour, Mr. Hansen switches gears to deliver a remix of JJ DOOM’s “Banished”. (JJ Doom being the collaboration between rapper/overlord DOOM and producer Jneiro Janel).

For his part, Beck has slowed the track down considerably, adding a full minute by layering DOOM’s rapid-fire flow over a gradual stream of syrupy guitars and the hum of spacey synths. We’d give our firstborn to hear Wilco jump on this one at some point.

The remix is part of Keys to the Kuffs [Butter Edition], due out August 20th via Lex Records. The expanded version of JJ DOOM’s debut album, it also features remixes from Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood, Clams Casino, Dave Sitek, and more (listen to samples here). It’s available digitally, on 12″ picture disc, and CD, either as the complete extended package or as a separate release with just the new tracks.

Keys to the Kuffs [Butter Edition] Tracklist:
01. Waterlogged
02. Guv’nor
03. Banished
04. Bookhead
05. Bite the Thong (feat. Damon Albarn)
06. Rhymin Slang
07. Dawg Friendly
08. Pause Tape
09. The Signs (feat. Gone the Hero)
10. Borin Convo
11. Snatch That Dough
12. GMO (feat. Beth Gibbons)
13. Bout the Shoes
14. Winter Blues
15. Still Kaps
16. Retarded Fren
17. Viberian Son (feat. Del the Funky Homosapien)
18. Wash Your Hands
19. Guv’nor (BadBadNotGood version)
20. Retarded Fren (Thom Yorke & Jonny Greenwood version)
21. Rhymin Slang (Dave Sitek Remix)
22. Banished (Beck Remix)
23. Bookfiend (Clams Casino Version)