Adam Lefkoe is God’s gift to sports news, drops 46 hip-hop references in five minutes



    Just so it’s clear: I hate sports. Football’s too slow, basketball’s too involved, and baseball makes me want to ingest hand grenades. But if there’s one man who could ever make me a fan, it’s broadcaster Adam Lefkoe. The lead sports anchor for WHAS 11 in Louisville, KY, Lefkoe has made a name for himself recently by filming two pop culture-centric sportscasts: “SeinfeldCast”, which saw a whopping 41 references to the little Show About Nothing, and “WrestleCast”, where he referenced 31 grappling legends in six minutes.

    For video #3, Lefkoe’s hit another goal in one with “RapCast”. In just over five and a half minutes, Lefkoe squeezed in a mind-blowing 46 references to classic rap songs and artists. Among the more noteworthy references:

    — “He loved the win, but realized as a senior, he’d been staring at the world through his rearview.”

    — “I’m sure BBN wishes they were a little taller.”

    — “He got the job done, like Big Daddy Kane.”

    — “He has no diggity or doubt he’ll play against the Gators.”

    — “…Left the coaching staff feeling like it was the first of the month yesterday.”

    — “Western fans were sing la di da di, we got Bobby.”

    — “Andrew Luck, you say he’s just a friend, well, he’s looking for the former standout at FYU, T.Y. Hilton.”

    — And as the pièce de résistance, Lefkoe dropped his mic at the end, cause real G’s wear three-piece suits from the Men’s Wearhouse.

    Sure, these references are like your grandpa’s never-ending run of bad puns, but Lefke’s super serial demeanor, in-depth knowledge, and hint of snark make this the Babe Ruth of viral videos. (Or is that just a candy bar?) Slap on your favorite jersey and click play below.


    In slightly depressing news, Lefkoe took to Twitter after the “RapCast” aired, announcing he may be out of the pop culture-referencing broadcast game as to avoid “jumping any sharks”. On a personal note: please reconsider, Mr. Lefkoe, so I may one day join a fantasy football draft and earn my coworkers’ respect.

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