Death Grips For Cutie the mash-up album


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Another week, and the World Wide Web delivers another gem of Death Grips spoofery. First came the childhood-altering DuckTales mash-up, then the greatest infomercial since the one for the Dr. Ho Muscle Massager, and now some patron saint of Internet glory has unveiled a mash-up of the rap-punk outfit with none other than Death Cab for Cutie.

Of course dubbed Death Grips For Cutie, it combines both band’s catalogs, most notably Exmilitary and NO LOVE DEEP WEB with Transatlanticism and Plans, respectively. The resulting effort features 10 insane tracks, with titles like “Takyon Will Possess Your Heart” and “Your Klink”, alternating between Ben Gibbard dutifully crooning over layers of dissonant noise and Stefan “MC Ride” Burnett spitting visceral rhymes over romantic guitars.

It’s not as seamless and captivating as, say, The Grey Album, but it’s definitely worthy if only for the sheer ridiculousness of “Blood Creepin” mixed with “Summer Skin”. And we haven’t even mentioned the artwork! (Watch your backs, Prince and Danny Brown.) Stream it in full below.

Death Grips For Cutie Tracklist:
01. Soul Beware Body
02. Guillotine and Registration
03. Takyon Will Possess Your Heart
04. Spread Eagle Cath The Block
05. Lord of the Track (feat. Mexican Girl)
06. Skin Creepin
07. Your Klink
08. I Will Follow You Into The Unknown For It
09. The Sound Settling Thru The Walls
10. I Want Transatlanticism I Need Transatlanticism
11. A Lack Of Culture