Here’s the most awkward interview ever, courtesy of Eminem and ESPN


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Why anyone thought it would be a good idea to have ESPN broadcasters interview Eminem about his new album is beyond me, but it happened, and it was as terribly awkward as you’d imagine it to be. Actually, it was like watching a train derail into a school bus full of kittens.

Eminem stares aimlessly off camera as Brett Musburger attempts to string together words about this Eminem character he knows nothing about. “KIDS THESE DAYS,” Musburger thinks. ”What a pleasure for Herbie and me to introduce Marshall Mather,” Musburger says.

eminem Heres the most awkward interview ever, courtesy of Eminem and ESPN

 They then premiere a snippet of Eminem’s video for “Berzerk”.

Musburger has to ask more questions: ”So was that the great Rick Rubin who was helping to produce that with you, Marshall, when you did that?” Not a good question? Ok, how bout we try this one: “How long does it take you to shoot a video like that?”

Oh, hey, it’s Kirk Herbstreit’s turn:”What are you most excited about with the new album” “Nothing,” Eminem replies.

Musburger tries again:”One final question before you leave, will the Lions cover four-and-a-half tomorrow against Minnesota?” Eminem replies, “I’m a diehard Lions fan to the core, yes they’ll win.”

And that was that.

 So how about that “Berzerk” video? Wasn’t that great?

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