Kings of Leon’s Top 10 Songs

Kings of Leon_0

You can draw a line in the sand of many musicians’ careers, a turning point where their sound changed completely. It’s a shift that usually gains a stadium of new fans while losing a club of old ones. Enter Kings of Leon and 2008’s Only by the Night. The album’s FM friendly singles, “Sex on Fire” and “Use Somebody”, catapulted the Nashville family into sports arenas and festivals everywhere — yet the divide between fans grew far and wide.

Much of that skepticism should change with their latest effort, Mechanical Bull. As our own Mike Madden wrote in his glowing review, the album captures “the sound of a band reviving its former selves for the benefit of each other and for their longtime fans.” With that in mind, we decided to bridge our favorite tracks from all eras of their career. Well, almost all. We still haven’t completely warmed up to Come Around Sundown.

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