Stream Fall Out Boy’s Ryan Adams-produced Pax Am Days EP


Fall Out Boy Ryan Adams

Fall Out Boy is streaming their Ryan Adams-produced EP, Pax Am Days, one week ahead of its release date (October 15th via Island Records). Take a listen to the eight-track effort below (via KROQ).

As the story goes, the two parties met through mutual friend/collaborator Butch Walker and hit the studio following a dinner at Los Angeles’ M Café, resulting in “eight or nine” punk rock songs recorded over two nights. It’s the kind of stuff that “makes you want to kick the shit out of your bedroom at your parents’ house,” bassist Pete Wentz explained to Rolling Stone. “It was like hanging out with your older brother that got you into punk rock. Except he gets all the jokes and he’s not like, ‘Here’s these shitty kids,’ or whatever. So that was cool.”

Adams’ older brother-like approach immediately garnered favor with the band, with Wentz telling KROQ that “Ryan’s brain works in such a divergent way. One minute he’s telling a joke about kale salad and the next minute we’re talking about old punk rock. I think that in some way it’s childlike wonder, and in some ways it’s so genius and different. He’s such an outside-of-the-box thinker — it was really good for our band.”

In describing the EP’s influences, Wentz name-dropped ’80s hardcore acts like the Descendants, Gorilla Biscuits, Earth Crisis, and Damnation A.D, adding, “That’s the music that got us into playing as Fall Out Boy and we wanted to pay homage to that. We can be a gateway. We can say like, ‘Hey, check out what these other bands we grew up with do.’ I think that’s an important thing to do as an artist. But most importantly, it was just kind of [an] exercise in fun. It was like, ‘Let’s just make noise and if it gets recorded, cool; if it never comes out, cool.'”

Beginning October 15th, Pax Am Days will be available digitally and as part of a limited-edition, two-disc reissue of Fall Out Boy’s latest LP, Save Rock & Roll. A vinyl 7″ will hit stores for Record Store Day’s Black Friday spin-off, set to take place on November 29th.

Pax Am Days EP Tracklist:
01. We Were Doomed From the Start
02. Art of Keeping Up Disapperances
03. Hot To the Touch, Cold on the Inside
04. Love, Sex, Death
05. Eternal Summer
06. Demigods
07. American Made
08. Caffeine Cold