Top 10 Albums by Artists Under 18 Years Old

top 10 18

This week, the Internet’s raging over the incredibly impressive debut of 16-year-old New Zealand singer-songwriter Ella Yelich-O’Connor, a.k.a Lorde. They have every right: “Royals” is one of the year’s top songs and she matched the hype with nine other bonafide hits. Of course, at such a young age, she’s unlikely to escape that side to her story — she’s not alone, though. Long before she had teenagers, young adults, or twenty- and thirtysomethings singing about “cutting [their] teeth on wedding rings”, several other young artists were walking in those very same footsteps. In light of this, Consequence of Sound decided to task themselves with a list of other similar greats under the age of 18, and rounded up 10 of their best albums. Just remember, if you have kids, there’s always a higher watermark for them to reach. Here’s proof.

Photo by Heather Kaplan.


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