A Holiday Gift Guide For Music Fans


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The Consequence of Sound Holiday Gift Guide offers ideas for the music fan in your life. From box sets and films to the wacky and practical, this guide compiles over 60 gift ideas spanning 10 different categories.

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As for the rest of you thrifty shoppers, keep checking back often as we’ll be updating this list throughout the holiday season. And if you have an idea for an item we should include, please send us an email.

From all of us at Consequence of Sound, we wish you and yours a happy and safe holiday season.

Box Sets

Daft Punk – Random Access Memories Deluxe Box Set

daft punk random access memories box set1 A Holiday Gift Guide For Music Fans

What: While Random Access Memories was surely one of most anticipated releases of the year, it was also one of the most expensive. With the hefty price tag on the album’s deluxe box set, it seems like Daft Punk is still trying to pay back their expenses for studio time and brain food. The latest assembly for the album includes a special 180-gram vinyl pressing, 56-page cloth-bound, hardcover photo book detailing the production of RAM, exclusive artwork, and a flash drive containing more exclusive material of the album.

Buy: MyPlay ($275)

Bob Dylan – The Complete Albums Collection Vol. 1

Bob Dylan - The Complete Albums Collection Vol. 1

What: 46 Discs?! Yes, the new Bob Dylan box set encompasses every studio album the folk legend ever recorded, including 14 newly mastered titles. Even though it seems that there is new, previously unreleased material coming from Dylan every year, this is the biggest kahuna yet.

Buy: Amazon ($179.98)

Nirvana – In Utero Deluxe Reissue Box Set

nirvanabox 1024x904 A Holiday Gift Guide For Music Fans

What: In light of the album’s 20th anniversary, Nirvana’s nastiest unleashing, In Utero, was recently re-collected and assembled into a deluxe box set. What stirred up eager fans was the new set of masters of the album, including remastered and original Steven Albini cuts, but that’s not all. The box also contains a load of unreleased demos and the exclusive live show, Live & Loud, Live at Pier 48.

Buy: Amazon ($97)

The Velvet Underground – White Light/White Heat Deluxe Box Set

velvetbox 1024x915 A Holiday Gift Guide For Music Fans

What: In continuing the trend of Velvet Underground album anniversaries, like last year’s redux of The Velvet Underground and Nico, White Light/White Heat has been repackaged into a three-disc, 30-track assembly of essential New York rock n’ roll. Aside from the stereo and mono recordings of the legendary sophomore album, unleashed John Cale session takes, live performances, and rare B-sides are packed into this deluxe celebration.

Buy: Amazon ($66.49)

Paul McCartney and Wings – Wings Over America Vinyl Box Set

mccartneybox1 1024x753 A Holiday Gift Guide For Music Fans

What: Even though New is currently satisfying our Paul McCartney craving, revisiting the legendary Wing’s Wings over America in its deluxe arrangement should provoke the appeal even further. The 28-song recording has been newly remastered and paired with exclusive video content, eight unreleased tracks, four hardcover books, including unreleased interviews, his wife’s photo journal, drawings, photographs, and other memorabilia. If you couldn’t catch Macca on the road this summer, this is a great redemption to indulge in.

Buy: Amazon ($40)

The Jesus and Mary Chain – The Vinyl Collection

jamcbox A Holiday Gift Guide For Music Fans

What: In light of their 30th anniversary as a band, The Jesus and Mary Chain plan on blowing out the candles with this mega vinyl box set, containing all of their studio albums, exclusive BBC recordings, and a treasure chest of B-sides. Each album will be written to virgin black vinyl using the original tapes at half-speed, ensuring that the highest quality recording is achieved. The band even let their fans become a part of the project through voting on their favorite rarities.

Buy: Amazon ($467) 

The Rise & Fall of Paramount Records Vol. 1

paramount A Holiday Gift Guide For Music Fans

What: Jack White has done his share of crate digging and rediscovery with Third Man Records, and his project with the legacy of Paramount Records exceeds all expectations. This mega box set includes over 800 tracks spanning from the label’s legacy (1917-1932), assuming both digital and vinyl formats. Its USB drive may be the most beautiful one of its kind, and its buried chestnut vinyl pressing warrants the same awestruck amazement. All of this music is packed into a custom-crafted chest with a few books detailing the label’s history and replicas of original advertisements and artwork.

Buy: Third Man Records ($400)

Public Enemy – 25th Anniversary Vinyl Collection

Public Enemy - 25th Anniversary Vinyl Collection

What: Throw your fists in the air, “fight the power,” and grab this Public Enemy box to let the revolution run through your veins. With all six of their studios albums pressed on 180-gram vinyl, these hip-hop classics will honor the words of Chuck D and Flava Flav in the best way possible.

Buy: Amazon ($123)

David Bowie – The Next Day Extra

nextday A Holiday Gift Guide For Music Fans

What: We waited patiently for 10 years to hear another studio album from David Bowie, and it was definitely worth it. The Next Day Extra brings more rewards with its three-disc presentation, including a brand-new seven-song EP and DVD packed with music videos supporting the album’s singles. This collection also features an additional reinterpretation of the Heroes artwork, another rockin’ set of tracks from the Thin White Duke.

Buy: Amazon ($19.88)

The Clash’s Sound System

clash box set

What: Punk legends The Clash have put together their first box set, which includes remastered cuts of all of their studio albums (1977′s The Clash, 1978′s Give ‘Em Enough Rope, 1979′s London Calling, 1980′s Sandinista!, and 1982′s Combat Rock), unreleased demos, and exclusive video content. Their retro boombox casing is a deep treasure chest of exclusive Clash swag. Along with the discs above, it includes dog tags, stickers, badges, fanzines, posters, and more. Grab your patch-loaded jean jacket, throw this boom box over your shoulder, and revisit some punk classics in a whole new way.

Buy: Amazon ($162.86)

Woody Guthrie- American Radical Patriot Box Set

guthrie A Holiday Gift Guide For Music Fans

What: The latest offering from Woody Guthrie’s undercover catalog digs into his employment with the US government, revealing both musical and government recordings never heard before. Whether these songs were written for a health service education video or an exclusive performance for the Bonneville Power Administration, fans are given yet another dimension to the sophisticated legend of Woody Guthrie. The 7xCD and 1xLP set is bound within a beautiful hardcover book, including more in-depth analysis connecting his music to the history of 1940’s America.

Buy: Amazon ($89.49)


Morrissey’s Autobiography

morrissey autobiography

What: While it’s entertaining to look back at all of the interesting things Morrissey has said throughout his career, nothing beats hearing it from the man himself. The emotional rock icon details his hardships growing up, defines “humasexual,” and offers up a load of behind-the-scenes facts about The Smiths. His writing speaks like poetry, which makes for a more artsy read than the usual autobiography. Although it won’t be tagged as a Penguin Classic for the US release, this is an essential to any Smiths fan’s library.

Buy: Amazon (Kindle Edition- $11.99, Hardcover- $20.99)

33 1/3 Book Series

33book A Holiday Gift Guide For Music Fans

What: Any volume from the 33 1/3 series is a surefire gift for any music lover. Containing 84 volumes (and growing), the series approaches a number of classic albums and dissects them to the bare bone. Some even take a creative writing approach and compose fiction inspired by their album of choice, like the text for The Smith’s Meat Is Murder. This year made way for the publication of works concerning They Might Be Giants’ Flood and Serge Gainsbourg’s Histore de Melody Nelson, and volumes about Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Sigur Ros’ ( ), and The Beach Boys’ Smile are set to hit shelves in 2014.

Buy: Amazon (≈$12)

Bun B’s Rapping Coloring & Activity Book

bunb A Holiday Gift Guide For Music Fans

What: Last year on Killer Mike’s “Big Beast”, Bun B grammatically schemed “trill” to be an onomatopoeia, even though it really isn’t. While it’s hard to bend grammar rules, Bun B proves that he can still color within the lines with his newest rapping coloring and activity book! Parents may cringe at most of the MC’s crude lyrics, but they can rest assured that the man has developed a family-friendly project. Parents and their children can color their favorite rap icons, like Drake, Kanye West, Danny Brown, and The Notorious B.I.G., and even listen to recommended tracks from the UGK leader himself. Pull out your colored pencils and introduce hip-hop to your household the right way.

Buy: Amazon ($11)

The Replacements: Waxed Up Hair and Painted Shoes: The Photographic History

replacements A Holiday Gift Guide For Music Fans

What: It was a surprise for us all when Paul Westerberg and Tommy Stinson decided to reform The Replacements for a series of Riot Fest performances this year. Their spunky punk attitudes perked the faces of long-time fans and newcomers alike and reminded us that The Replacements are an essential band that shouldn’t be forgotten. Fans can revisit said happiness with the first illustrated publication of the band, The Replacements: Waxed Up Hair and Painted Shoes: The Photographic History. The collection travels with the band on and off the stage, allowing fans to get to know The Replacements on a more intimate level. It would bundle really well with Voyager Press’s 2007 release, The Replacements: All Over but Still Shouting: An Oral History.

Buy: Amazon ($22.99)

Late Century Dream Movements

latecentury A Holiday Gift Guide For Music Fans

What: If you’re into exploring your local music scene, Late Century Dream Movements is an agreeable travel guide for the underground scenes of the ’80s and ’90s. Dive into its pages to discover how bands like Superchunk, Butthole Surfers, and Mudhoney climbed to the top and how hundreds of other bands significantly influenced their rise. Discover some new bands from a different time, or rediscover your favorite bands from the energy-packed scenes found within these pages.

 Buy: Amazon ($21.64)

There Is No Bottle Big Enough: Written Works by American Musicians

bottlebigenough A Holiday Gift Guide For Music Fans

What: There Is No Bottle Big Enough, the 40th anniversary of ALARM magazine, unleashes more exclusive writing from some of our favorite musicians, like Arcade Fire, Fiona Apple, Sufjan Stevens, The Flaming Lips, Phoenix, and more. Ever wonder if Sufjan could write a story about a Christmas miracle, or what Wayne Coyne may write in his touring diary about his simulator baby microphone? This collection could feature all of those possibilities plus unreleased lyrics, journal entries, and more.

Buy: Amazon ($15.45)

Nirvana: The Complete Illustrated History and Metallica: The Complete Illustrated History

Nirvana- The Complete Illustrated History and Metallica- The Complete Illustrated History

What: Along with the photo-sewn history of The Replacements, illustrated dedications to bands like Nirvana and Metallica will also be released before the holiday season. The series assembles a number of music journalists to capture and commemorate each band’s discography, touring schedules, memorabilia, and personal lifestyles away from the music with never-before-seen photographs and narratives.

Buy: Nirvana – Amazon ($26), Metallica – Amazon ($28)

Torment Saint: The Life of Elliott Smith

elliottsmith1 A Holiday Gift Guide For Music Fans

What: This year, we commemorated the 10-year anniversary of Elliott Smith’s tragic death, an event that rung tears through our headphones and left empty spaces in our hearts. William Todd Shultz’s Torment Saint continues the tribute through 150 hours of interviews with people who valued Smith’s timid rock songs, whether they knew him or not, and in-depth investigation of some of the lingering mysteries of his legacy. A gift well-suited for new and old fans alike.

Buy: Amazon (Hardcover – $17.25, Paperwork – $11.75)


Stone Roses – Made of Stone

stoneroses A Holiday Gift Guide For Music Fans

What: Brit-pop legends The Stones Roses excitingly reunited after 16 years, even though some may have forgotten they ever existed. Made of Stone commemorates the reunion starting with their first rehearsals in 2012 and culminating in their grand homecoming performance held for 220,000 eager fans. Get the inside scoop on how the band regained their spunk to celebrate the 25th anniversary of their self-titled legendary debut and rock harder than their backs may have been able to handle.

Buy: Amazon ($17.96)

Morrissey: 25

moz25 A Holiday Gift Guide For Music Fans

What: Morrissey and his touring manager probably have the oddest business relationship around. Not only did the Smiths vocalist cancel multiple appearances and tour legs, he believed that Hollywood High School would be the best venue to celebrate 25 years of his career. The show sold out in 12 seconds, a short passing period before being locked behind the auditorium doors. Thankfully, those late fans who got detention are able to view it via BlueRay and DVD. The film includes fan confessions of their undying love for Moz and a legendary 18-song set spanning his solo and Smiths careers.

Buy: Amazon ($11.88 DVD or $13.88 Blu-Ray)

Jimi Hendrix – Hear My Train A Comin’

hendrixtrain A Holiday Gift Guide For Music Fans

What: This year, Jimi Hendrix’s legacy carried on through his posthumous release, People, Hell and Angels, and the drafting process of his first bio pic starring Andre 3000. Need more? The Jimi Hendrix Experience: Hear My Train A Comin’ gives an in-depth look at the musician, including testimonies from legends like Paul McCartney and Steve Winwood, rare live footage, and a sacred archive of personal photographs, artwork, journal entries, and more.

Buy: Amazon ($11.88)

Released: The Human Rights Concerts (1986-1998)

amnesty A Holiday Gift Guide For Music Fans

What: From 1986 to 1998, human rights awareness was the focus of some of the largest concerts ever. With performances from bands like Radiohead, Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band, Lou Reed, The Police, U2, and many others digitally remastered, fans can view these life-changing concerts with a renewed lens. All of the proceeds for the collection will be allocated to Amnesty International to continue the fight for human rights. A great deed for a great show is an ideal way to spread the holiday spirit.

Buy: Amazon ($49.99)

The Rolling Stones – Sweet Summer Sun: Live from Hyde Park

stonesdvd A Holiday Gift Guide For Music Fans

What: The latest DVD from The Rolling Stones spells out the definition of an epic homecoming. With over 100,000 fans in attendance, the UK rockers slayed the anticipation with a legendary 16-song set packed with special guests and commanding sing-alongs. While there’s no saying how long the band will carry on, we can always fondly look back at moments like this.

Buy: Amazon ($11.88 DVD or $17.99 Blu-Ray)



haim 2 A Holiday Gift Guide For Music Fans

What: With a successful debut, Days Are Gone, and an explosive Saturday Night Live under their belt, HAIM is set to embark on their most anticipated tour yet. No doubt the sisterly trio will blow crowds away with their slick rock potency and explosive stage presence. The first half of the tour will take place overseas, but they’ll cruise back around the US to kick off the spring season.

Buy: Ticketmaster


darkside A Holiday Gift Guide For Music Fans

What: Since releasing their fantastic debut, Psychic, Darkside has scheduled a slew of tour dates around the country to fashion their haunted dance tendencies. As evident from their recent performances, the duo warps their studio work into contagious jam sessions for the stage, exploring untouched territory that only Jaar and Harrington have dared to conquer.

Buy: Ticketmaster

Arctic Monkeys

arcticmonkeys5 A Holiday Gift Guide For Music Fans

What: Arctic Monkeys will continue to support their rock n’ roll machine, AM, on the road in 2014. Some dates will even include indie weirdos Deerhunter to offer one of the most interesting combinations of reinvented rock n’ roll in recent memory. Throw on a leather jacket, slick your hair back, and rock out with this UK mecca.

Buy: Ticketmaster

Broken Bells

broken bells 2014 A Holiday Gift Guide For Music Fans

What:  In support of their anticipated return, After the Disco, Broken Bells will return to the stage for the first time since 2011. As noted from their newest single, “Holding on for Life”, James Mercer and Danger Mouse are bound to fill each venue with the funkiest grooves possible. They’ll kick off their tour stint in Minneapolis on 2/28 and end in New Orleans on 3/12.

Buy: Ticketmaster

Neutral Milk Hotel

neutral milk hotel A Holiday Gift Guide For Music Fans

What: In 2012, Jeff Mangum surprised us all with a series of tour dates held in some of the most intimate theaters (especially Chicago’s Athenaeum Theatre) and festival performances. After the massively positive reception, he thought it would be a good idea to get the band back together. Neutral Milk Hotel will be touring the US and beyond through 2014 with a hefty setlist of classics from their legendary catalog. If you want to profess your love to Anne Frank or the songwriter’s fantastical flying machines, this tour will be the moment that will live in infamy.

Buy: Ticketmaster

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

nickcave 3 stubbs sxsw2013 kaplan A Holiday Gift Guide For Music Fans

Photo by Heather Kaplan

What: In support of their Top Star-earning, Push the Sky Away, Nike Cave and the Bad Seeds will revel on an expansive tour exploring both sides of the globe. They’ll hit US turf to kick off the summer and may peek into some of our favorite music festivals. Lollapalooza? Bonnaroo? Let’s hope!

Buy: Ticketmaster

Justin Timberlake

timberlake world tour 788x1024 A Holiday Gift Guide For Music Fans

What: Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z took America by storm with their Legends of Summer tour earlier this year. For those who missed out or just can’t get enough JT, here’s your second chance. The 20/20 Experience is now complete, and The Tennessee Kids are ready to bring the pop icon’s catalog to life once again. Do yourself a favor and grab a pair of tickets to see one of the best dancer/singer/actors around do what he does best.

Buy: Ticketmaster

Kings of Leon

kingsofleonbachrodt51 A Holiday Gift Guide For Music Fans

Photo by Gretchen Bachrodt

What: Kings of Leon will embark on their first tour in three years to support their upcoming album, Mechanical Bull. With such an impressive return, fans will witness the band of brothers in their rockiest armor since 2004’s Aha Shake Heartbreak. The band will make their way to arenas across the country starting in February.

Buy: Ticketmaster

Kanye West

kanye kendrick tour A Holiday Gift Guide For Music Fans

What: Even though many of us were severely bummed that Kanye West was forced to postpone his upcoming Yeezus tour, there are also some benefits. Most dates have been pushed into December and early 2014, giving fans more time to nab some hot seats for this theatrical performance. Witnessing Kanye’s mountainous stage setup alongside an impersonator Jesus and special guests Kendrick Lamar, A Tribe Called Quest, and Pusha T will warp your perception of a hip-hop show forever.

Buy: Ticketmaster

Arcade Fire


What: In light of Arcade Fire’s recent fascination with mysterious masquerades, such as their enlarged, papier-mache crowns or Skeletor masks with a mariachi band, their upcoming tour supporting Reflektor encourages fans to sport formal entire or costume to the show. While we don’t know what to expect from such a requirement, we are in for quite a treat. The band will play their first dates of the tour in the UK and arrive in the US in late March.

Buy: Ticketmaster

#TechLove Listening Gear

X-mini KAI Bluetooth® Capsule Speaker:

X Mini Kai

Standing only two inches high when collapsed, three when expanded, the Bluetooth functionality of the X-mini KAI speaker makes it an asset in a variety of situations. It can be strapped to the handlebars of a bike for mobile music; linked to other X-mini speakers for some surround sound; or hooked up to a larger system to act as a dongle, allowing you to keep your MP3 device with you as you beam the tunes to the speakers. There’s even a built-in microphone so you don’t have to disconnect to answer calls. Good things come in small packages, so they say, and this small-yet-functional portable speaker is a testament to that.

Buy: Office Depot ($59.99)

808 Canz speaker:

808 Canz

Hey, is that a coffee mug, pal? A pencil holder? Neither! It’s the latest Bluetooth wonder to satiate your music fanaticism. The 808 Canz is a cute, adorable buddy of a speaker that lasts two-and-a-half to three hours at maximum volume and five to six hours at normal volume on a full charge. In other words, solid for a mid-sized party and essential for study sessions on-the-go. (And hey, as long as you have a USB outlet somewhere, you’re good to go until the world goes offline.) The little bugger also has a wireless range of 30′ and sports a headphone jack for personal listening. Need a chord? Rest assured, it comes supplied with a 3.5mm audio inline input for a direct connection. Squeeze it, adore it, but respect it.

Buy: Office Depot ($29.99)

Braven BRV-1 Water-Resistant Wireless Speaker:

brazven brv

There’s no need to lug around that bulky boombox anymore. With the Braven BRV-1 Water Resistant Speaker, you can quite literally hold all the music you love in the palm of your hand. Built for the rugged outdoors, this palm-sized, ultra-lightweight (32 oz.) wireless speaker is IPX5-certified water-resistant and shock-absorbent, making it a reliable companion for any outdoor excursion. You can hook it up to your favorite MP3 player to soundtrack your day out or stay connected by utilizing the speaker’s Bluetooth functionality. It’s an enviable gift for your active and outdoorsy loved ones, and given this speaker’s 12-hour battery life, it’s guaranteed not to tire out before they do.

Buy: Office Depot ($179.99)

AfterShokz AS330 Bluez Bluetooth Open-Ear Stereo Headset:

Aftershokz headphones

Fact is, those over-ear, noise-canceling headphones are great for audiophiling out at home, but when jogging down the street, it’s probably a good thing to hear that car speeding up behind you. That’s where the AfterShokz Bluetooth sports headphones have the advantage by not going in, on, or over your ears. Instead, unique bone conduction technology sends vibrations through your cheekbones, around your eardrums, and directly into your inner ear. Yeah, bone conduction technology. It’s a thing. A thing that allows you to keep your ears open to the environment around you while still pumping in the jams to help you work off those holiday feasts.

Buy: Office Depot ($99.99)

808 Studio Headphones:

808 Studio headphones

It’s finally time to upgrade from those earbuds, and now it can be done with both style and practicality. These 808 Studio Headphones rock out in a sleek black gloss, with an over-the-ear design that offers comfort for extended listening sessions. You’ll feel like you’re behind the mixing board with 36-mm drivers that produce studio-quality sound, and the noise-isolating design of these headphones means all you’ll be hearing is the music. So, toss out your loved one’s earbuds and give them the listening upgrade they deserve. It’ll be like going from standing outside the venue in the cold to being front-row center stage.

Buy: Office Depot ($79.99)

Monster DNA On-Ear Headphones:

monster dna

Buds be damned: The Monster DNA On-Ear Headphones are here to save the day. Lightweight, comfortable, and highly durable, the wireless pair will suck out the world’s noise and place your favorite musicians center stage — taking you to the live show of your choice. In other words, no more crummy beep-beeps from passing taxis, or nagging parents insisting you pay your student loans, or trains whizzing by and rattling the tunnel, depending on where you hang out. Got friends? The dual audio input jacks let you link your two headphones together to share the tunes in what’s sure to be a trending way to say, “Let’s go steady.” Just don’t surprise them with Gary Glitter.

Buy: Office Depot ($199.99)

Samsung Galaxy Tab™ 3 Tablet With 7″ Screen:

samsung galaxy

All the power in the palm of your hand, the Samsung Galaxy tablet works like an artifact from The Jetsons. Use your (hopefully clean) fingers to navigate the 7″ diagonal touch screen display, toggle it as a smart remote control and share content from your TV, or use it as a GPS navigator. Need to call your long-distance loved one? Use the front-facing 1.3-megapixel camera for video chats — just keep it PG-13, folks. What’s more, those with small pockets should find relief in the tablet’s 8GB of internal storage. Lugging around your life never felt better.

Buy: Office Depot ($159.99)

HP Pavilion Chromebook:

chromebook 1024x682 A Holiday Gift Guide For Music Fans

“No, it’s cool, I’m staying in with my laptop.” You said it, and we don’t blame you, especially if you’re floating online with a new Chromebook. Sixteen gigs, a 14″ diagonal LED-backlit display, built-in HD webcam and microphone, HDMI port capabilities, and a slim, lightweight design are all features worth ditching friends over. It’s cool, we didn’t need to share wings at the bar, anyhow. I know how important those Google apps are to you. See you in 2014, dude.

Buy: Office Depot ($279.99)

Turntable Guide

Listening to vinyl is an extremely rewarding music listening experience. Not only can you get away from the compressed MP3 files that flood the Internet today but also collect a fine piece of art. But, most people who try to get on the vinyl-collecting train don’t have a turntable or any knowledge about the best options out there. Well, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few turntable options that may appeal to both audiophiles and casual music listeners.

Crosley Travel Turntable

turntablecrosley A Holiday Gift Guide For Music Fans

What: If you’re only interested in spinning records occasionally without any hassle, a Crosley travel record player is your best bet. Other than some first-use assembly, everything is right there: needle, speakers, platter, and all. Take this guy around the house and experience your vinyl in different rooms of your house! Listen to OK Computer next to a window on a rainy day! Bring it to a picnic and play Leonard Cohen as you eat ham sandwiches and attempt to steal other people’s dogs.

Buy: Insound (Multiple configurations and colors available)

Audiotechnica AT-LP60 Automatic Turntable

audio technica A Holiday Gift Guide For Music Fans

What:  When starting a new hobby, sometimes it’s good to start with a cheaper option and upgrade your setup over time. This Audiotechnica turntable is a choice turntable then. Out of the box, the record player has a solid needle, stereo cables, built-in preamp, and USB extension, all of which have more advanced alternatives for serious listeners. Not only can fans jam to their records over a stereo but also import each song from their iTunes libraries. This can be extremely convenient in making vinyl-only releases portable.

Buy: Insound ($99.99)

Project Debut Carbon Turntable

projectdebut A Holiday Gift Guide For Music Fans

What: The Project Debut Carbon is one of the most affordable options for an audiophile-recommended turntable. Since its release in 2012, it has become one of the most purchased setups on the market but was also given the EISA Award for best product of 2012-2013. Aside from its sleek appearance, other highlighted features include a high-quality Ortofon 2M needle, precision belt drive and motor, and a beautifully delicate carbon tone arm. The warmth driven through your stereo speakers with this turntable will keep you cozy all winter.

Buy: Insound ($399.99)

Music Services

Rdio Subscription

rdio A Holiday Gift Guide For Music Fans

What: It should be no surprise that we’re fans of Rdio, what with the immense library and streaming quality being offered. And if you’re fans of our various Rdio playlists, then why not share the gift with a loved one. A five spot gets you unlimited streaming, or get those very same songs on your smartphone, Sonos, or Roku for a mere $10. Or heck, get the unlimited family plan for $18 and you and a loved one can share a plan, meaning you’ve bought yourself a gift without being a total jerk.

Buy: ($4.99-$17.99)

Universal Respect the Classics Vinyl Re-Releases

respect A Holiday Gift Guide For Music Fans

What: In efforts to highlight some of hip-hop’s most iconic releases, Universal’s Respect the Classics campaign aims to give them fresh vinyl pressings. While some have been out of print for years, like N.W.A.’s Straight Out of Compton and Eminem’s Slim Shady LP and The Eminem Show, some are given their first proper pressing, like Kanye West’s 808s and Heartbreaks. Check out the entire list of upcoming releases below.

Buy: Repsect the Classics (Prices Vary)

Record Store Day: Black Friday

Record Store Day Black Friday

What: For most record collectors, Christmas actually takes place during the third Saturday of April, Record Store Day. With efforts to bring such a feeling to the holiday season, Record Store Day has organized a slew of exclusive releases worthy for any music fan and collector, including a collection covers from the Civil Wars, The Flaming Lips’ Peace Sword EP, and the newest mix of Nirvana’s In Utero on some virgin, black vinyl. Get ready to gather up some warm blankets and jump in line outside your local record to pick up some releases for that special someone.

Check Out: 2014 Black Friday Releases


feedbands A Holiday Gift Guide For Music Fans

What: Feedbands’ mission of exposing new bands is creative, exclusive, and rewarding. The process starts with fans submitting their favorite unsigned artists to the website, where they are then placed in a poll amongst other bands. The winning act will have their record pressed on high-quality vinyl and sent to subscribers. Not only will they receive a first-pressing of the record, but also a download card for a digital format. If a subscriber doesn’t dig it, they can send it back and receive a full reimbursement. Not only is it a fantastic way to expose new bands through the best music medium possible, but also a risk-free process for fans to subscribe.

Buy: Feedbands

Pop Market Vinyl Bundles

strokes A Holiday Gift Guide For Music Fans

What: For major vinyl collectors, here is the best website to follow for some awesome discounts. At the start of each week, Pop Market organizers select a handful of bands and bundle three to four albums from their discography on vinyl for an exclusive price. Recent bands featured on the website include The Strokes (see above), The National, Wilco, Beastie Boys, and Joy Division. Be sure to bookmark this site and give it a daily visit.

Buy: Pop Market

Holiday Music

Bright Eyes – A Christmas Album

bright eyes christmas

What: Bright Eyes’ A Christmas Album might not entertain huge holiday parties or family get-togethers, but it has its own place for diehard fans and depressed, single romanticists. Oberst’s timid nature glows on every track through delicate piano, string arrangements, and crackling vocals. He may not be as jolly as Hardrock, Coco, and Joe, but the man still has a love for Christmas.

Buy: Amazon ($11.49)

Charlie Brown Christmas
[Snoopy Doghouse Edition]

snoopy A Holiday Gift Guide For Music Fans

What: Everyone knows this delightful Christmas classic from its multiple showings on NBC prior to Christmas Day. With thousands of copies in print, Peanuts Worldwide still had a vision to deliver the cleanest pressing of the definitive holiday soundtrack possible. The Snoopy Doghouse edition is pressed from its 24-bit stereo analog tapes and includes three new bonus tracks: “Greensleeves”, “Great Pumpkin Waltz”, and “Thanksgiving Theme”. As they say, happiness is a warm puppy, so consider answering the door for Charlie Brown and the gang.

Buy: Amazon ($11.41)

Bad Religion – Christmas Songs

badreligion A Holiday Gift Guide For Music Fans

What: In order to combat the load of classic Christmas songs, Bad Religion’s holiday collection comes fully stocked with raw punk energy and excitement. “Rock around the Christmas tree” can now be fully satisfied with some contagious headbanging and friendly moshing for those punk-loving families.

Buy: Amazon ($8.99)

Custom Crafts & Clothing

Consequence of Sound‘s Original Artwork

Screen shot 2013-11-25 at 12.26.19 PM

What: Throughout the year, our hard-working artists whipped up a number of original pieces to highlight some of our most anticipated album reviews, features, and cover stories. If any tickled your fancy, you can bring them home on a variety of mediums, whether it’s a standard print, an iPhone case, or a tote bag! Support our talented artists and add some original flair to your favorite work space.

Buy: The CoS Store at Society6

Atoms for Peace “Lost Angeles” Puzzle

atoms for peace jigsaw A Holiday Gift Guide For Music Fans

What: Stanley Donwood, primary artist for anything Thom Yorke-related, warped Atoms for Peace’s dystopian “Lost Angeles” from Amok into a wallpaper fit for XL Recording’s main office in support of its February release. In efforts to spread the project beyond the small music nook, Donwood transformed the album’s artwork into a 192-piece jigsaw puzzle. Even though the band claims it to be “the most expensive time wasting device you will see all year,” its laser-cut wood appearance would make for a lovely addition to any fan of Yorke and Co.

Buy: Atoms for Peace Store

Jay Z/Drake Polos

failmemepolos A Holiday Gift Guide For Music Fans

What: A major asset to any hip-hop star is their contagious swagger, whether it’s impressive or laugh-worthy. After some of their more embarrassing moments were reinterpreted into hilarious memes, Jay Z’s Olympic pool dive and Drake’s head-to-toe Dada uniform can now be fashioned as the newest preppy reinterpretation of Polo’s iconic symbol. Their newly stitched appearance can be purchased on polos, long-sleeve t-shirts, and hats via Drake Yolo Polo.

Buy: Drake Yolo Polo ($15-40)

Yeezus Tour Merch/ G.O.O.D. Music Clothing Line

kanye yeezus A Holiday Gift Guide For Music Fans

What: While Kanye West’s leather kilt was a risky fashion ploy, his Yeezus touring merch takes risqué to a whole new level. Working off his motifs of slavery within modern media, the clothing line comes brandished with skeletons bowing down to his sacrilegious alter-ego amidst bright confederate flags. A less offensive option features their baby angel logo on everything from sweatshirts to booty shorts. While you may have a light wallet after your purchase(s), your new threads will help you find your inner Ye.

Buy: Yeezus Merch- PacSun, G.O.O.D. Music- Official Store ($40-$150) 

Ridiculous and/or Fun

MixerBot Mix Tape

2 makerbot mixtape A Holiday Gift Guide For Music Fans

What: Have you ever bragged about an awesome mixtape your significant other made or you whipped up for a special occasion? Well, now you can show them the actual tape! This thrifty gadget plays like a standard MP3 player by housing two gigs worth of a digital tape reel and an easy operating system. Exchange it between friends or a special someone. #STOCKINGSTUFFER

Buy: MakerBot ($39.99)

DJ Cat Scratching Pad

djscratch A Holiday Gift Guide For Music Fans

What: Want to recreate Portlandia‘s Cap Nap with your furry friend? This hilarious-looking scratch toy will make your cat spin records like DJ Shadow in no time! If you’re looking for a good laugh around the house, make sure to place this next to your beloved pet’s cozy spot. Trust us, it’s Zooey-approved.

Buy: Uncommon Goods ($35)

Wu-Tang Bicycle

wutangbike 2t A Holiday Gift Guide For Music Fans

What: In celebration of Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)‘s 20th anniversary, the legendary hip-hop collective embarked on a lengthy tour and then offered fans a knitted sweater for god knows what. This equally random piece of merch, the Wu-Bicycle, captures classic Wu flavor with its sleek yellow and black paint job and “C.R.E.A.M.” handlebar engravings. Wear a helmet, though, and protect ya neck, y’all.

Buy: State Bicycle ($599.95)

Major/Minor Scale Wine Glasses

glasspitch A Holiday Gift Guide For Music Fans

What: One may think of an assortment of tealight candles, dimmed lights, and an elegant table dressing to ring in the most romantic setup. But, where’s the music? These major scale wine glasses allow each member of the party to contribute their own pitch, whether in conversation or not. Most importantly, if a dinner guest starts ringing some higher pitches, it’s time to reach for that bottle and give them another splash of wine.

Buy: Uncommon Goods ($65.00)

Zappos Sh-t Product

zappos A Holiday Gift Guide For Music Fans

What: Do you have a friend that has everything they could ever want? Maybe Kanye West? Zappos found a loophole for those difficult friends with their newest sh-t product, literally. Be sure to study the following instructions for proper use, unless you maybe pull a back muscle or fall off your motorcycle.

Buy: Zappos ($100,000.00)