Boards of Canada got a shout-out on Fox News


Fox News vanguard Sean Hannity may utterly abhor Ryan Adams, but not everyone on the cable network has a problem with indie rock. Case in point, Red Eye host Greg Gutfeld, whose been systemically bolstering Fox’s credibility by inviting the likes of Ariel Pink, Stephen Malkmus, GWAR’s Oderus Urungus, and Fucked Up’s Damien Abraham to appear on his late-night talk show. He also routinely wears tiny glasses and has stuck it to Maroon 5 to further prove his own indie status.

In the latest demonstration of his blaring hipness, Gutfeld appeared on Fox’s The Five roundtable discussion show last Friday, where he got to talk about (for all of 30 seconds) choosing music for commercial breaks and his favorite bands. And just who tops that list? “I like electronica,” he said. “My favorite band right now is Boards of Canada. Their new album, I heartily recommend. They’re amazing.” (Gutfeld also gave minor shout-outs to Ty Segall’s FUZZ and the Melvins.)

When the panel reacted to his choices with a mix of confusion and hostility, Gutfield struck back at his overly patriotic cohorts by commenting, “Boards of Canada are Scottish. They’re obviously bigoted.” How’s that slice of birthday cake taste, Bob Beckel?

Watch the segment below; scroll to the 1:30 mark to see the Boards of Canada shout-out.

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To Greg: If that little dig, or even interrupting Bill O’Reilly’s nap with the new Drake album, ever gets you fired, we’ve got a cushy position with the Rock It Out! Blog waiting.


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