Budweiser launches Made For Music, spotlights your favorite artists


This one’s for you, music fans: Budweiser is shining the spotlight on a whole new generation of musicians with their newly-launched “Made for Music” campaign. Each week, the famed brewer will release a series of videos from bands and artists across the musical spectrum, letting fans get never-before-seen access to some of today’s most celebrated acts. Among the campaign’s six franchises, there’s “Made Me”, which looks at more established artists, “Made in a Minute”, which sums up a band’s career in 60 seconds, and “Turning Point”, where artists focus on the most pivotal moments of their careers.

To get you better familiarized, Consequence of Sound has chosen four videos from some of our favorite acts.

French rockers Phoenix discuss how ideas sparked by the drive from Paris to Versailles turned them from a collection of young musicians into the seasoned and highly celebrated vets they are today. “We called many instrumental tracks ‘tunnels’ because it would remind us of the light you have when you drive through a tunnel,” says bassist Deck d’Arcy. “I think I’ve driven to Versailles between 1,000 and 10,000 times.”

Rising out of Philadelphia’s garage-rock scene, Kurt Vile may be DIY, but he hasn’t done it entirely on his own. Here, he shares how his “banjo teacher”  – he uses the phrase liberally – and termination from a day job helped afford him the time and creative surge needed to refine his heartfelt blend of rock. “I think every step of the way, every record just gets better for me,” he says. “That’s me in a nut shell, right there.”

The rocking sisters of Haim have played together since childhood, transitioning from the realm of bubblegum to angsty, hook-centric garage-pop. But even during the last year’s meteoric rise to the top, the siblings still feel there’s work to be done. “We definitely don’t think that we’ve made it,” says Alana Haim. “If you think that you’ve made it I feel like you’re already done. Like, it’s just your time to biggity-bounce.”

London future-pop duo AlunaGeorge may be playing to packed arenas across the globe, but it wasn’t always like that. In their video, the pair head back to the hometown basement where it all began, discussing their decision to become a real band by playing in front of actual crowds, what it took to build up such courage, and how leaving the comfort of a tiny rehearsal space forever changed their destiny.

For more information on Budweiser’s “Made for Music” campaign, head here. The series has also featured Rihanna, Beyoncé, Jay Z, Yeasayer, Django Django, and GTA, among others. Keep up to date with all your favorite bands by using #MadeinAmerica on Twitter.


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