HAIM performed on Saturday Night Live, and now they’re superstars

haim snl

As 2013 comes to a close, so does the first full year of HAIM’s takeover. And golly, what a glorious takeover it’s been. In just the past 12 months, we’ve seen the Haim sisters transform from local California trio to global pop-rock stars, their rise documented not only in festival photos, late night TV spots, and endless features, but also in one monster debut album, September’s Days Are Gone. (And uh, can we continue to talk about that awesome Sheryl Crow cover they did with Lorde?)

It’s so fitting, nearly poetic, that HAIM would cap off their year with a performance on likely their biggest stage yet: Saturday Night Live. Even though many of us have grown with them, it’s a career milestone like no other, a resounding reassurance that, yes, they are here to stay.

As last night’s musical guest, the three sisters performed arguably one of the best songs of the year, “The Wire”, along with “Don’t Save Me”, and sounded absolutely great. They also took a turn in the acting chair, appearing in a sketch based entirely around lip syncing to The Outfield’s “Your Love”, which may or may not have been totally genius or incredibly stupid. We’re still undecided. Either way, it was one of the more impressive Saturday Night Live debuts in recent memory, further propelling the sisters to superstardom. Catch the replays below.

P.S. – Wonder what Este Haim’s voice and speech teacher has to say about tonight.

“The Wire”:

“Don’t Save Me”:

Sketch featuring HAIM:


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