Hans Zimmer wrote a theme song for Batkid

Boys Batman Wish

If you happened to avoid the Internet last Friday, Batkid is five-year-old leukemia patient Miles Scott, whose dream of being Batman for a day saw some 11,000 Make-A-Wish volunteers turn the city of San Francisco into his own private Gotham City. Along the way, Miles helped rescue damsels in distress, met the mayor, battled The Joker, drove around in a modified Batmobile/Lamborghini, and basically made for the greatest Batman ever, at least according to Christian Bale himself.

After Batkid became something of a social phenomenon, several big-name acts sought to lend further support, including Oscar-winning composer Hans Zimmer. In a statement via his publicist (via Radio.com), Zimmer confirmed that he had completed a theme song for Batkid.

“Yes, Hans did write a score for Batkid,” Zimmer’s publicist Rae Murillo explained. “We’re not yet sure when or how the music will be incorporated, but I do know that there are different elements and surprises being rolled out as the day progresses, so we’re just waiting to see how the music is going to be used.” Murillo also mentioned Scott would receive his own copy before a stream is made available.

Zimmer’s got some experience with the Batman series, having previously scored Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy. Check out some of his compositions below, followed by footage of Miles Scott’s big Bat day.


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