Ian Curtis’ kitchen table is for sale on eBay

ian curtis table

You can find a lot of great stuff for sale on eBay, from Guided By Voices’ old drum set to Eminem’s childhood home to a living, breathing record store. As Pitchfork points out, the latest piece of absurd band merch up for auction is a kitchen table formerly owned by Joy Division singer Ian Curtis.

This is the same table from the same kitchen where Curtis took his own life on May 18th, 1980. As the story goes, Curtis’ wife Debbie later sold the house, including the table, to a next door neighbor, who then passed it on to her daughter. Eventually, it was auctioned off to the current owner, who is now making it available again through eBay. How do we know this is the same table? It comes with certificates of authenticity signed by members of Curtis’ family.

The current bid is £2,6000, and prospective buyers should be happy to know the table fits fine in a five-door car, or can be shipped abroad, though the winner needs to of course pay for shipping. Good luck!


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