In need of money, Ween’s Aaron Freeman releases final demos as Gene Ween


Former Ween frontman Aaron Freeman is selling a collection of his final demos as Gene Ween in attempt to alleviate the financial burden left from two decades of “near-fatal” drug and alcohol abuse.

“After 20+ years of near-fatal drug & alcohol abuse (thankfully culminating with intensive but successful rehab), Aaron Freeman (aka Gene Ween) was left in a dire financial situation,” a statement on his Bandcamp reads. “All proceeds will go directly to Aaron, as he continues down the path toward creative freedom and personal health.”

Spanning 25 minutes, Gener’s Gone: The Final Demo Recordings Of Gene Ween contains material recorded between 2009 and 2011. “These demos represent the final writings and music of Gene Ween, before he departed and the inner FREEMAN emerged.” Freeman dropped the Gene Ween moniker for the release of his 2012 solo debut, Marvelous Clouds.

Listen to the demos below.


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