Kanye West “freestyles” over Nine Inch Nails’ “Closer”, gets in spat with Sway Calloway

kanye yeezus

Believe it or not, but Kanye was on the radio again today! For his 14,105th on-air segment in support of Yeezus, Kanye appeared on Sway in the Morning, the daily radio program hosted by MTV’s Sway Calloway. Kanye and Sway go way back — Kanye gave Sway his first television set — so it’s understandable why Kanye became frustrated when his ol’ friend questioned his decision to work with big corporations like Adidas. “Why don’t you empower yourself… and do it yourself?” Sway asked, prompting Kanye to begin shouting, “How Sway? You don’t got the answers, Sway! I’ve been doing this more than you. You ain’t go the answers!” Kanye went on to explain how he has already lost $13 million of his own money trying to start a fashion line and working with a company is the only way to ensure proper production.

Cooler heads prevailed by the end of the segment, however, as Sway asked Kanye to drop a freestyle over Nine Inch Nails’ “Closer”. “I ain’t got a new verse,” Kanye admitted, to which Sway replied, “Just talk about what you talk about.” What followed was a mostly incoherent stream of consciousness that went something like this: “I can make shit rhyme // I can make shit rhyme if I feel like // Even if I don’t so I just might not // Cause I don’t want to and I’m just gonna freestyle for the first time // With a freestyle that don’t even go together // No rhymes, that’s my new shit. Uh, oh // You ain’t got that answer Sway, I can say that all night.” Ugh, we were *this* close to one of the cooler music moments of 2013.

Watch the full interview below. Their mini spat begins at the 16:00 mark, and the freestyle can be heard at the 31:00 mark.


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