Listen: Androgynous Mind’s new lo-fi creeper, “Juanita”

Androgynous Minds - Nightstalker

As previously noted, ex-Women guitarist/vocalist Patrick Flegel has teamed up with Morgan Cook to form Androgynous Mind. The new art-rock duo will issue their debut EP, Nighstalker, on December 9th via Faux Discx. Already we’ve heard the creepy “Knock On My Door”, and today the pair continue their eerie antics with “Juanita”. Rickety, distant vocals are buried in lo-fi grains, like captive phantoms looking for a reprieve from the darkness. Though it’s not in plain sight, there is a light to be found here — off-kilter, yet calming melodies that occasionally peak through and give the ghostly cut a whole new glow. Listen in below.


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