Listen: GEMS’ mesmerizing new song, “Ephemera”

GEMS - Medusa

Dream-pop duo GEMS previously mesmerized with “Sinking Stone” and “Medusa”. Now, the pair return with another new track off their Medusa EP. Titled “Ephemera”, it sees the Washington, D.C. pair struggling with love in a fleeting, ever-changing world. With melancholic, icy atmospherics swirling around her, Lindsay Pitt coos, “It’s a brief world we’re falling through, and I can’t help but fall into you,” her breathy vocals fluttering and faltering like her own unsteady heart. Again, the group prove that total vulnerability can be utterly enchanting. Listen in below.

GEMS’ Medusa EP is out now. Purchase it via their Bandcamp page.

Medusa Tracklist:
01. Ephemera
02. Medusa
03. Sinking Stone
04. Pegasus


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