Listen: PANES’ intriguing new single, “Choice Errors”

PANES - neneh cherry

While Neneh Cherry is busy making her return to music after 16 years (with Four Tet and Robyn nonetheless), her daughter Tyson McVey is launching her own new project, musical duo PANES. Joined by producer Shaun Savage — whose own Flesh & Bone studio has hosted the likes of Cherry, Depeche Mode, and Factory Floor — the London outfit offer up their very first single, “Choice Errors”. Sly and slightly peculiar, it’s a R&B-pop throbber perfect for a late-night rendezvous down by the River Thames. McVey’s slick vocals lend a certain danger to the cut, especially when paired up with the tingling of Japanese strings. Listen in below (via FADER):


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