Listen to Throwing Muses’ brutal rocker, “slippershell”


Veteran rockers Throwing Muses have unveiled another new piece off Purgatory/Paradise, their first new album in 10 years. We previously heard them get scruffy on “sleeping 1”, but the New England trio return with palpable rage on “slippershell”. Dusty and unforgiving, the cut sounds like something straight out of their early ’90s back catalog. “You’re a slippershell and you can go to hell,” Kristin Hersh mutters so matter-of-factly, her pointed words seething like a toxic potion. Listen in below.

Throwing Muses originally carved out their name in the 80s/90s college rock scene and were the first U.S. act signed by label 4AD (the current home of acts such as Grimes, The National, St. Vincent). The group featured frontwomen Kristin Hersh and Tanya Donelly, alongside drummer Dave Narcizo and bassist Bernard Georges. (Donelly eventually left to join The Breeders and later Belly.) Though they earned acclaim from critics and fans alike, the band broke up in 1997, with Hersh embarking on a solo career. In 2003, Throwing Muses reunited to issue a self-titled album, but had remained quiet since.

The current lineup features everyone but Donelly.

Purgatory/Paradise is out digitally today. The special art book and CD set arrives on December 3rd.

Purgatory/Paradise Tracklist:
01. smoky hands
02. morning birds 1
03. sleepwalking 2
04. sunray venus
05. cherry candy 1
06. film
07. opiates
08. cherry candy 2
09. freesia
10. curtains 1
11. triangle quanitico
12. morning birds 2
13. lazy eye
14. blurry 1
15. folding fire
16. slippershell
17. bluff
18. blurry 2
19. terra nova
20. walking talking
21. milan
22. curtains 2
23. folding fire 1
24. static
25. clark’s nutcracker
26. dripping trees
27. sleepwalking 1
28. smoky hands 2
29. speedbath
30. quick
31. dripping trees 2
32. glass cats


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