Listen: Willis Earl Beal’s new songs “Babble On” and “Coriander Tree Life”

willis earl beal

Willis Earl Beal is a law unto himself, recording songs however and whenever, and releasing them in much the same fashion. Just two months removed from his second XL-released album Nobody knows. he’s posted two new tracks to YouTube, and they continue his street poet tradition, though they have a more naturalistic outlook.

“Babble On” employs a typically simple guitar while Beal’s double tracked impassioned vocals do the heavy lifting, insistently wooing you to picture the vivid scene. “Coriander Tree Life” finds Beal going much more soulful, turning out his best baritone and echoing it to marry nicely with the electronic organ backing.

Whether these songs were recorded at the same time as Nobody knows. or at some other point is unclear, since all that the YouTube description offers is “Recorded and produced by Nobody at Nowhere during Never.”


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