R.I.P. Lip$ha, The Flaming Lips-Ke$ha collaborative album has been shelved


For last year’s Record Store Day, The Flaming Lips released the collaborative album Heady Fwends, which in addition to featuring frequent compatriots like Yoko Ono and Lightning Bolt contained a truly left-field appearance from Ke$ha. As it turned out, frontman Wayne Coyne and the pop singer had more in common than we thought, bonding over bizarre Twitter conversations and shared acid trips.

Their relationship proved to be so fruitful, in fact, that Coyne announced the band was working on a whole LP with Ke$ha tentatively titled Lip$ha (perhaps Flaming Ke$ha just sounds too disturbing?) However, we haven’t heard much about the project since late April, which is probably because the collaboration has been indefinitely shelved. “As of now… sadly there will be no Lip$ha,” Coyne tweeted earlier today. “I can’t say why… It is sad…” Unfortunately, Ke$ha offered no further insight, last tweeting, “too much cofffeeeeeeew no sleeeeeeeeep.”

As we ponder what gloriously trashy space-pop could have been, relive their Heady Fwends collaboration, “2012 (You Must Be Upgraded)”.


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