Superchunk’s video for “Void” proves Generation X can still rock


Superchunk’s latest album, I Hate Music, addresses not the angst of young people but the emotional woes of those staring down the barrel of middle age. With the video for “Void”, the band and director  Scott Jacobson (“Digging For Something”) give that depressing notion a little levity. Comedians Jon Benjamin (Archer) and Jon Glaser (Delocated) are cast as awkward, 40-something buddies attempting to recapture the vigor of their youth by attending a Superchunk show at Brooklyn’s Shea Stadium. They’re utterly un-hip, incapable of handling the stimuli, and totally alienated from the fans and other bands (which includes other BK residents Ava Luna, Weird Womb, and Heliotropes.) Still, it’s  rather enlightening video for any Generation Xers, proving you’re never too old for rock and roll. I mean, just look at great-grandpa Mick Jagger for chrissakes.


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