Take a look inside Foo Fighters’ drawers

foo fighter drawers

Last week, thanks to the all-seeing eye of Erik Estrada, we learned how Foo Fighters really get down when they’re at home. (Spoiler: it involves yard work and dad shorts and not booze and strippers.) Now, we get to peek even further behind the curtain as frontman Dave Grohl reveals the kinds of personal keepsakes and useless junk the band carry with them in their road cases.

Among the swell of items, Foo’s shared cases contain Grohl’s actual drawers, Nate Mendel’s personalized ping-pong paddle, Taylor Hawkins’ prized Rush picture, Pat Smear’s mysterious Gucci box, and Chris Shiflett’s matching pink flip-flops and umbrella. Sadly, no sign of a kitchen sink or the remains of Jimmy Hoffa. Uncover even more Foo treasures when you watch below.

Here’s hoping the band left room for more souvenirs when they play first-ever shows in Mexico on December 11th and 13th.


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