Top MP3s of the Week (11/8)

There were too many great mp3s this week. We had some trouble narrowing it down to 10 slots, but we’re confident we found the highlights. This week’s countdown offers up a stint of somber jams, with a few burst of energy sprinkled in the mix. Throw on your fall jacket and get cozy with this mix.

10. Autre Ne Veut & Fennesz – “Alive”

Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 10.28.21 AM

In tandem with their five-year anniversary festival, Mexican Summer will also release a limited-edition, hardcover book illustrating the label’s successes through photos and artist contributions. “Alive” brings together two experimental artists under the same roof to contribute a dreamy, passionate offering to this celebration. Fennesz’s atmospheric electronics provide lush dynamics in every movement, ranging from sweeps of symphonic strings to utter ruckus. The vocals from Autre Ne Veut’s Arthur Ashin are a bit calmer, more sensual, leaving off the aggressive performance highlighted on this year’s Anxiety. Be sure to grab a copy of this piece of history to hear more, including contributions from Spiritualized and Ariel Pink. –Sam Willett


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