Video: Kanye West’s contentious, 45-minute interview with The Breakfast Club

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Another day, another Kanye West radio interview. The difference between this morning’s appearance on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club and all those other shows, however, is this: Charlamagne the God. The outspoken DJ has been critical of Kanye’s recent output and wasn’t afraid to say it to his face.

Minutes into their conversation, Charlamagne told Kanye that “Yeezus is a terrible album” and called him a walking contradiction for wanting to work with the same corporations he blasts in his music. “Why is everything about money? Charlamagne asked. “You don’t need to be rich to be a revolutionary.” Later, he said, “If you’re a genius why do you find the need to tell everybody?”

Though often looking uncomfortable and rarely acknowledging Charlamagne’s presence, Kanye stood his ground, explaining his ambitions were rooted in his desire to ensure financial security for his first child, North. “You need product. What happens if no one else buys albums?” Kanye asked, going on to reference Arsenio Hall, of all people, as a celebrity who lost it all.

Kanye chided corporations such as Nike for working only with a select few, adding, “These industries run the world. We’re only allowed to communicate… It’s a form of cotton we’re all picking. Ain’t none of us this free.” He said President Obama is experiencing the same issues, as “Black people don’t have the same level of connections as Jewish people, or oil people.”

Kanye continued by explaining his ultimate goal is to create a multi-faceted, trillion-dollar corporation that creates affordable product. He used the example of Nike only being a $16 billion company while Apple is a $600 billion company and explained it’s because Nike focuses only on the little things. “I’m ten years ahead of you mentally,” Kanye added, noting his goal is to be combination of Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, and Michelangelo.

Lastly, Kanye dropped a few musical nuggets, revealing he opted for Jay Z over Dame Dash because he felt he was too similar to Dame and wanted to learn from Jay; that “All of the Lights” took two years to make and was originally a record for Jeezy; and how he would have started Yeezus with “Blood on the Leaves” “if I was in a different situation.” In regards to the “Bound 2” video, he “wanted to take white trash t-shirts and turn it into a video. I wanted it to look as phony as possible.”


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