Watch: Broken Bells’ video for “Holding On For Life”, starring Kate Mara and Anton Yelchin

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As previously reportedBroken Bells will accompany the release of their forthcoming album, After the Disco, with a short film of the same name. Already we’ve seen the prologue, dubbed Part One: “Angel and The Fool”, and today the duo continue their cinematic endeavors with the video for “Holding On For Life”.

Picking up where part one left off, we see Anton Yelchin and Kate Mara’s characters aboard an extraterrestrial vessel, which happens to be hosting a dance party. Broken Bells’ own James Mercer and Danger Mouse appear and supply Anton with some sort of hallucinogenic drug, leading to complications with Mara’s character and questions over what is real and what is not. Watch below.

Director Jacob Gentry spoke of the project with EW:

“The last video we had done for [2010’s] ‘The Ghost Inside’ was more like a narrative short film done in a similar way, so we thought  this could be a spiritual sequel,” he says. ” But we wanted this to be more fantastical, psychedelic — like Logan’s Run and Barbarella – but still live in the Broken Bells universe. The vision for it is really a collaboration between Brian [Burton, aka Danger Mouse], James, the designer Jacob Escebedo, and myself coming together and vibing out on images and ideas that inspire the album and vice versa.”

After the Disco is due out January 14th via Columbia Records.


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