Watch in awe as Björk explains the truth about how TVs work

Bjork TV - YouTube(1)

If you’re like Björk, you’ve probably sat staring at your TV and at some point wondered, “Gee, how exactly does this magical box work?” Well, sometime in the way-back-when, when televisions were still cube-ish, the impish Icelandic songstress set out to investigate the inner workings of the boob tube, and someone recorded the journey. That clip has now surfaced online.

Below, watch as Björk pries open the back of an old TV set and marvels at how the innards look “like a little model of a city” with “houses,” “streets,” and “maybe an elevator to go up there.”  She goes on to recount how she was lied to about TV’s hypnotic qualities by an Icelandic poet and how her fears were finally quelled by a Danish science book. The moral of the tale? “You shouldn’t let poets lie to you.” Frankly, it’s nothing but the kind of wonder only Björk can provide, and it’s a must watch.


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