Watch: Melvins’ Buzz Obsorne gets caught playing hooky on local TV

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Recently, Los Angeles news station KTLA spotted a certain someone skipping out on his job. Bustedddddd! As it turns out though (and totally unbeknownst to the local reporter), the guy enjoying the lovely summery weather was not only a head of “the best hair” or a sneaky employee, but Buzz Osborne, frontman for the iconic rock act the Melvins. Seriously. A short clip of Osborne being caught redhanded has surfaced via Ipecac Records Facebook page (via Stereogum). Check it out below.

We find it kind of hard to believe that Buzz has a day job. I mean, he and the Melvins just released Tres Cabrones, their new album (not to mention their 22nd to date). And, as we’ve chronicled in our latest feature “Melvins: Three Bastards, 30 Years”, playing in the band has been one heck of a full-time gig. Buzz deserves some time off, me thinks.

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