Watch: RZA addresses Raekwon and new Wu-Tang album on Arsenio

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Earlier this week, RZA blamed Raekwon for the delay of Wu-Tang Clan’s 20th anniversary album, A Better Tomorrow, telling Grantland, “I feel like we have enough material on the album. I just need Raekwon to come onboard fully.” RZA echoed those sentiments on Wednesday night during an appearance on The Arsenio Hall Show.

“All of us came to the table so far, but Raekwon is the last one to come drop his verses,” RZA explained. “Today is the day Ol’ Dirty Bastard passed away, the thing is he can’t be here. I can be here, Raekwon can be here, Method Man can be here. And I know Raekwon is gonna be here, I have nothing but brotherly love for him, but put some of the business to the side and let’s go make some music.”

For his part, Raekwon has kept relatively mum on the situation aside from a rather ambiguous tweet made earlier this week, which said, “Yea i just read that rza article? Shit is funny to me. I love u rza, u know what it really is.” Presumably, he’s referring to comments he made to MTV back in February, in which he suggested there were issues with the business side of Wu-Tang. “I just want everything to be right, the business. When we made a lot of our great music, it was because we were in harmony. You cannot put guys together if there is no harmony, and on top of it, we’re doing business. As a man with children, I have to always look at that. It’s bigger than sometimes just the thought of it, the fact of it, it just gotta make sense.”

Watch RZA’s full interview with Arsenio below.


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