Watch: Van Halen on South Park, celebrating world peace

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Though South Park episodes usually involve talking poop and gay fishsticks, creators Trey Stone and Matt Parker occasionally use their abilities for warped satire and celebrity fawning for good. Case in point, last week they had Sinead O’Connor Yo Gabba Gabba! some children about the, um, importance of modesty. This week, they ushered in peace on Earth with a little Van Halen.

Without revealing the bemusing plot of “Ginger Cow”, Jews, Muslims, and Christians finally come together in total harmony, and the only song worthy of such a profound commemoration is “Ain’t Talkin’ ’bout Love”. And because the world is at peace, David Lee Roth fronts the band. With the show’s impressive track record for predicting the future, it may only be a matter of time before this actually happens. Watch below while you peruse Priceline for tickets to Israel.

In related news, TIL the symbols for Christianity, Judaism, and Islam are the basis for Van Halen’s logo. Suweet.


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