The Top Album, Artist, and Weed of 2013, according to Dum Dum Girls


Both Lorde and Queens of the Stone Age have shared their best-of lists, spotlighting the songs and albums that rocked their 2013. Now, Dum Dum Girls, whose new album Too True arrives on January 28th via Sub Pop, get in on the year-end accolade action. Here are lead singer Dee Dee Penny’s Top Ten picks in music, film, and so much more.

ARTIST: Jessica Pratt. Her album from last year is my favorite thing; I think she is this otherworldly angel who can do no wrong.

CITY: New York City. I’ve lived here for over two years but never had the time to really establish my apartment as home. With the forced time off from touring everything changed. I set up a new life here, managed to collect a handful of new friends, and just generally feel very tapped into what for me a is a creative and motivating atmosphere. Too fucking expensive though, a vampire city.

COCKTAIL: The “Angry Gallagher” at The Smile in NYC. My friend Raquel works there and aside from the great food, the drinks are fantastic. This one is tequila based with the same sorta kick as getting those Mexican dried watermelon pieces dusted in chili powder.

RECORD: Dirty Beaches’ double album Drifters/Love Is The Devil. Not even biased cause my label released it, just that astounding.

CAMERA: Spectra Polaroid. My friend Tamaryn shot me with one for an interview piece and I liked watching the long color development process.

ENCOUNTER: Had a drink with Gaspar Noé in St. Marks.

BOOK: The KLF – The Manual (How to Have a Number One the Easy Way) *

CASSETTE TAPE: The Smiths’ Strangeways, Here We Come as recently warped in Crocodiles’ van. It makes you feel like you’re underwater drowning in its perfection. *


FILM: Beyond The Black Rainbow for its insane visuals. James Orlando (Bullett Magazine), who shot my cover and press photos, recommended it after that very long photoshoot and I went home, got stoned, and tripped the fuck out. *

* = According to Dee Dee, “2013’s not always (the pick’s) origin but rather my discovery of and obsession with.”


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