LCD Soundsystem to release live album

Photo by Meghan Bronson

A live album of LCD Soundsystem’s final show at Madison Square Garden is on the way, according to a new Rolling Stone interview with James Murphy.

I mixed it significantly differently than the film [Shut Up and Play the Hits], because the film is mixed for your eye and the record is mixed for your ears,” Murphy explained. “The film is mixed digitally, because you have to watch it in a theater and make little adjustments all through for a four-hour film, whereas the record is just mixed analog to tape, the way I normally do.”

Murphy added that the process “took forever, because I’m not really on a label anymore. We had to do artwork, and I was away, and I had to get clearances for everything. It was a real comedy of errors. I finished mixing it over a year ago, so I’ve been like [whistles].” He still hasn’t zeroed in on a release date, but said it’ll likely see light in early 2014.

LCD Soundsystem’s last show was in April of 2011. While fans may be foaming at the mouth for a reunion, Murphy told Rolling Stone he’s content with his own solo career, explaining that offers “get shot down before it ever gets to me.”

Instead, Murphy is focused on building his own studio, where he intends to record music. “I’ve always gone to a new space to make a record, so this is like a new space,” he explained. He also wants to soundtrack New York City’s subway turnstiles.


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