Listen: Four Tet shares collection of demos and unreleased tracks


Here’s an SAT question for ya: Surprise album on iTunes is to random Sendspace upload as Beyoncé is to___? If you answered Four Tet, then congratulations, you’ve passed! In lieu of admission to a nice state college, you can now stream/download a collection of demos, outtakes, and unreleased tracks from the London DJ/producer. Recorded between 1999 and 2012, the set features Atoms for Peace’s “Pyramid” remix, a chiptune remix of New York hip-hop collective Gravediggaz, a collaboration with Welsh singer David Wrench from the summer of 2004, a frenetic merger of drum ‘n’ bass and operatic piano entitled “are you in the bath”, and various percussion pieces, among other offerings. Listen in below.

This collection comes just weeks after the abrupt release of Four Tet’s first full-length LP in three years, Beautiful Rewind.


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