Listen: How to Dress Well covers Smog’s “Teenage Spaceship”


Even while on a world tour, How to Dress Well, a.k.a. Tom Krell, finds moments to connect with the type of bedroom recordings that got him started. That’s precisely where this new cover of Smog’s 1998 song “Teenage Spaceship” comes from.

According to Krell’s SoundCloud post, he and tourmate Aaron Read laid down the delicate, washed-out music in a Kuala Lumpur hotel room. Months later, Krell added the vocals in Warsaw. The rendition is so captivatingly beautiful you’d never know it was recorded with just a laptop’s built-in mics and no mastering. “The beauty of Bill Callahan’s original song is unmatched,” Krell said in his post, “this is just an attempt to do honor to one of the greatest songs I’ve ever known.” Honor, done. Listen below. (via Pitchfork.)


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