Listen: Röyksopp’s new single, “Twenty Thirteen”


Norwegian electronic duo Röyksopp have spent 2013 doling out spurts of new music and standalone singles.  In June, they curated an installment for the Late Night Tales compilation series, which featured the bubbly “Daddy’s Groove” and a cover of Depeche Mode’s “Ice Machine”. Then, just last month, they returned a new 7-inch featuring “Running To The Sea” b/w “Something In My Heart”. Now, they close out the year in similar fashion with the release of a “new and exclusive track” entitled “Twenty Thirteen”.

Though described as a “swinging summary of 2013 A.D.”, the track instead feels more like an encapsulation of 1933 A.D. The sporadic cracking of the slow and hazy organ and horns would’ve been the perfect backdrop for some high school Sadie Hawkins Dance. The piece de resistance, though, is the vocals of the Irresistibles’ Jamie McDermott (also contributed to “Something In My Heart”), whose slightly muddled croon has the depth and emotionality of a more depressive Al Jolson. But with our obsession for nostalgia continuing to build in fervor, maybe a song that re-appropriates the past is the most 2013 feat the pair could’ve accomplished. Stream and/or download it below.

In related news, Röyksopp are teaming with Robyn for the “Do It Again Tour”, and have also announced plans to collaborate together on new music. So far, they’ve announced appearances at Denmark’s NorthSide Festival, the UK’s Latitude Festival, and Norway’s Oya Festival.


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