Morrissey’s homosexual relationship omitted from US version of Autobiography

Just in time for the busy holiday seasonMorrissey’Autobiography hit US book shelves yesterday. The 457-page tome touches upon, among other topics, the singer’s status as a “humasexual”, his legal troubles following the release of “Margaret on the Guillotine”, his near-kidnapping in Mexico, and how he often wishes he were dead. What the US edition doesn’t include, though, is mention of Morrissey’s relationship with photographer Jake Owen Walters.

Though Morrissey never outright describes their relationship as homosexual, their fondness for one another is quite clear in the UK edition. There are several passages discussing their time together, in addition to a photograph of Walters as a young boy. However, in the US version, published by G.P. Putnam’s Sons, several mentions of Walters, as well as the photograph, have been removed (via SPIN).

It remains unclear if the edits came from G.P. Putnam or Morrissey himself. But based on his penchant for releasing statements, expect word from the singer sometime shortly. In the meantime, an audiobook version is due out December 5th, narrated by actor/non-relative David Morrissey (a.k.a. the Governor from The Walking Dead).


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