North Carolina middle schooler writes ASAP Rocky the best fan letter ever


As a teacher, I know how important it is to get creative with assignment to spark student learning. So I’m sure whoever told a North Carolina middle schooler named Graceson to write a letter to his favorite celebrity, their intentions were pure. But they also should’ve told him how to address the envelope properly. When young Graceson’s note to ASAP Rocky accidentally got mailed to Mishka NYC’s offices, Mishka’s Ray the Destroyer committed a federal crime and posted it to Instagram. Now ASAP gets to read it along with the rest of us (via Noisey, who at least had the decency to white out the kid’s name and address).

Full of adorable typos and grammatical errors (“Were doing a project at CGMS also because I love you’r music.”), the note shows a surprising amount of fan knowledge for such a youngin. For example, did you know ASAP was only 25 years old? That he “use to sell drugs”? Or that he was “arested for beating a man in a clothing store”? Graceson did, the little Googler. Hopefully ASAP stumbles upon the note, because Graceson completely deserves the CD he asks for in the note.

To show our “apprisheation” for Graceon (accidentally) sharing his love with the rest of us, here’s the video for the little guy’s favorite track, “Wild for the Night”.


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