Domino Records to reissue Orange Juice’s studio albums



    On February 3rd, Domino Records will reissue all four studio albums by Orange Juice. Led by Edwyn Collins, the Scottish post-punk outfit thrived during the early ’80s, even scoring a UK Top 40 hit with the single “Rip It Up” in 1983, and have gone on to influence the likes of Belle & Sebastian, Franz Ferdinand, and Mogwai.

    The reissues of You Can’t Hide Your Love ForeverRip It UpTexas Fever, and The Orange Juice will all be remastered and include original lyric sheets. They’ll be available digitally, on CD, and vinyl.

    Domino previously released a career-spanning seven-disc Orange Juice anthology in 2010.

    You Can’t Hide Your Love Forever Tracklist: 
    01. Falling And Laughing
    02. Untitled Melody
    03. Wan Light
    04. Tender Object
    05. Dying Day
    06. L.O.V.E. (Love)
    10. Intuition Told Me (Part 1)
    11. Upwards And Onwards
    12. Satellite City
    13. Three Cheers For Our Side
    14. Consolation Prize
    15. Felicity
    16. In A Nutshell


    Rip It Up Tracklist: 
    01. Rip It Up
    02. A Million Pleading Faces
    03. Mud In Your Eye
    04. Turn Away
    05. Breakfast Time
    06. I Can’t Help Myself
    07. Flesh Of My Flesh
    08. Louise Louise
    09. Hokoyo
    10. Tenter Hook

    Texas Fever Tracklist:
    01. Bridge
    02. Craziest Feeling
    03. Punch Drunk
    04. The Day I Went Down To Texas
    05. A Place In My Heart
    06. A Sad Lament

    The Orange Juice Tracklist:
    01. Lean Period
    02. I Guess I’m Just A Little Too Sensitive
    03. Burning Desire
    04. Scaremonger
    05. The Artisans
    06. What Presence?!
    07. Out For The Count
    08. Get While The Gettings Good
    09. All That Ever Mattered
    10. Salmon Fishing In New York

    Watch the video for “Rip It Up”:

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