Petition requests Paul’s Boutique street corner be named after Beastie Boys

beastie boys - pauls boutique

Earlier this year, Beastie Boys’ Adam Yauch was honored with the rechristening of a Brooklyn park. Now, the hip-hop trio may well be on their way to having their very own Manhattan street corner thanks to a new petition.

According to DNAinfo (via Pitchfork), the petition seeks to name the Lower East Side intersection of Ludlow and Rivington Street “Beastie Boys Square”. The location was featured on the cover of the group’s 1989 album Paul’s Boutique.

“I think that the Lower East Side, what it used to be, is a good place to honor the Beastie Boys,” said LeRoy McCarthy, the man who launched the petition (as well as the one requesting to have a Brooklyn corner named after Notorious B.I.G.). The Beastie Boys not only once lived in the area, but also recorded music in the neighborhood.

“When Adam Yauch passed away, people came here for three or four days putting candles and flowers out, taking photos, really mourning his death,” commented Vicky Dalva, the owner of a business on the corner in question and one of the petition’s early supporters. “At least one person comes in each week asking if it’s Paul’s Boutique.”

McCarthy hopes to see a hip-hop artist recognized in each of New York City’s five boroughs (he’s currently eyeing a Wu-Tang spot in Staten Island). He will officially present the “Beastie Boys Square” petition to the city’s Community Board 3 next month.


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