Sponsored Article: Yeasayer’s Chris Keating Scores an Interactive Fashion Show



Last month’s NYC launch party for Vice’s i-D.co featured a 15-minute live show dubbed Future Fashion, choreographed and directed by Radical Friend and featuring three London designers: Claire Barrow, known for her raw-edged jackets and fantastical drawings on cotton and leather; Ashley Williams, whose latest collection was inspired by Miami dream boats and shark conservation; and Ryan Lo, the Hong Kong born designer mixing pink weddings with magic forests.

Onstage models entered a holographic diorama and were immersed in digital projections, enhanced by a multi-dimensional musical experience – every variation of model, scene. and look triggered a different element of the original score by Yeasayer’s Chris Keating. During the event, the audience was invited to haptically draw on the diorama, after which they could interact with and create their own personal fashion shows by using the main diorama alongside one of three scale models. Playing with buttons on the devices’ touchscreens allowed attendees to choose their designer, design, and environment, while swiping allowed them to rotate the model and apply audio filters.

Using your cursor, you can re-create and personalize your own interactive fashion show. Head here to hit the catwalk.


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