Top Live Acts of 2013


Theatricality reigned supreme in 2013. It was a year in which the strongest performers let their personas shine above all else. Between the friendly chatter, heroic stage diving, remarkable wardrobes, chilling imagery, or mountainous effects, any number of personable touches left our hair raised, hearts aflutter, and vocal chords strained. It didn’t hurt that the music sounded great, too.

As we’ll say from here on out: another year, another five names off the marquee. Not surprisingly, it’s a real Sophie’s Choice whittling down a handful of top live acts, especially when consulting the few hundred names “killing it” over 365 nights. Still, we’re pretty confident of this particular crop, and we’d pay an arm, a leg, and our left buttock to see them again ASAP.

But hey, we know you’re just as avid a concertgoer, so please feel free to share your own choices in the comments below. Odds are your recommendation will get another pair of ears out to your local venue — maybe your future spouse. #Optimistic


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